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  • Access control

    To enter a public or private building, a company or a room that contains data to secure, access control is a very common solution. When presenting a badge, for example, in front of a reader, the latter sends an electromagnetic field to the proximity reader. The reader thus captures the unique information of the badge and transmits it to an access control center that authorizes or not the opening of the access. Some access control systems go beyond the opening or closing of access. They even take care of the time management of employees which allows to control their entries and exits (even for the extra hours of work) according to a specific work schedule for each of them and also to write administrative reports containing absences, hours worked, as well as general observations about the employee.

  • fire detection system
  • anti intrusion system
  • anti-theft system
  • automation system for...

    Automatismes pour ouverture porte battante, sectionnelles, basculantes ou coulissantes

  • metal detectors
  • video surveillance
  • baggage scanner
  • round control
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